Pink Salmon Red Caviar, Frozen, 1st Grade


Certainly, more often than not, when we think about red caviar we think of pink salmon roe, harvested from pink salmon, the most abundant fish of that family. The roe of pink salmon came to represent the very idea of red caviar. Mild yet distinct, its classic unadulterated palate perfectly encapsulates centuries-long tradition of Russian malossol style. The roes are mid-sized of deep orange color. This premium quality caviar works best on buttered bread or blinys, but then when it comes to ways of enjoying this exquisite product the recipe list is truly endless.

Wild Caught
Kosher OU
Shelf Life: 24 Months frozen
Thaw under Refrigeration

2 x 500 g (2.2 lb)

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Kosher caviar, Pink Salmon






2 x 500 g (2.2 lb)


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