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Red Pearl Salmon Red Caviar

454 g (1 lb)


Harvested from Pink salmon, the most abundant of all salmon species on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, our traditional style caviar is a great treat. Delicate, light orange globes deliver the quintessential taste of famous Russian malossol style caviar. Enjoy this cured roe with mashed potatoes or on an avocado, it works great as part of a dinner meal or a morning snack. This caviar might be a little runny due to the very soft shell.

  • Ingredients: Pink Salmon Roe, Salt, Sorbic Acid.
  • Wild Caught.
  • Kosher OU.
  • Shelf life 18 months in refrigeration

The Pink salmon – sometimes called the humpback salmon – is the smallest of the Pacific salmon types. Its mild-tasting, soft meat is far more affordable than its red salmon counterparts, making it a staple in most people’s homes. But aside from its meat, the Pink salmon is also well-beloved for its roe, which has small to medium-sized beads and the perfect consistency and texture for topping breads and crackers.

Pink salmon caviar is also typically referred to as “gorbusha”, and is more affordable than other types of roe such as Coho and Chum. For this reason, Pink Salmon roe is often preferred for larger occasions and events.

How Much Does Pink Salmon Caviar Cost?

Fish roe costs differ, depending on a variety of factors such as the type of fish, how abundant it is in that fishing season and how fresh the roe is. Pink salmon roe costs similarly to other types of Salmon caviar, but will typically fall within the lower end of the price range making Coho and Chum more expensive than Pink salmon caviar, while Sockeye is generally less expensive. Different brands will offer their Pink caviar at varying costs, which can be determined by the maturity of the roe, how it’s processed and prepared, and whether it incorporates any added ingredients. In general, roe that uses as little artificial ingredients and additives should cost more than other options.

What are the Health Benefits of Salmon Roe?

Delectable and lavish – there’s more to this delicacy than just its taste! Salmon roe is known for its health benefits, which help to improve and maintain overall well-being. Here are some of the Pink salmon nutrition facts worth noting:

  • Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids – Improve cardiac health, clearing away bad cholesterol and lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Vitamin A – Promotes optimal eye health, reproductive functioning, and immune response.
  • Vitamin B12 – Assists in the production of DNA and prevents the risk for certain types of blood disease. Just 30 grams of salmon roe can provide 100% of the daily recommended value of B12 vitamins.
  • Choline – Prevents and aids in the treatment of a variety of ailments affecting the liver.
  • Folate – Helps in guaranteeing optimal wellness and health at a cellular level. The FDA recommends that individuals consume at least 400 micrograms of folate a day. A single serving of salmon roe can provide 13 micrograms, which is 30% of your daily folate needs.

How to Serve Pink Salmon Caviar

All types of caviar are considered a delicacy, and thus require specific serving practices to maintain and optimize their flavor. As a general rule, you should avoid serving the roe with an oxidizing metal spoon to prevent altering the taste. A ceramic, plastic or mother-of-pearl spoon is often best for handling different types of fish roe.

If you’re allowing guests to take their own serving of roe from a table spread, then consider setting out just enough to satisfy your guests. Once fully consumed, you can replenish the roe. This prevents prolonged exposure of the eggs to open air which can compromise the flavor and texture of the roe.

Always serve your caviar chilled. Refrigerate the caviar prior to opening the container to regulate its temperature and achieve the ideal coolness for consumption. Always seal and return unserved caviar back into your refrigerator to preserve its flavor and prevent spoilage.

There are numerous ways to serve caviar, but the most common would be to serve it on top of toast, bread, or crackers. Spread a generous amount of cream cheese or light butter on a piece of bread and gently add a thin layer of roe on top of it. Garnish with herbs to create a blend of flavors that should tickle any guest’s palate.

In Japan, salmon roe is also often enjoyed as a rice topping and in sushi. Ikura don is a rice-based Japanese dish with a bed of salmon roe blanketed over the sticky rice. This filling, flavorful, and fishy meal can be a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy the unique taste of red caviar.

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