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Captain’s Salmon Red Caviar

180 g (6.3 oz)


This caviar is produced from the roe of wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon. The eggs are small and ruby colored bursting with flavor. It is prepares in the Russian malossol style. Enjoy this cured roe with mashed potatoes or on an avocado, it works great as part of a dinner meal or a morning snack. This caviar might be a little runny due to the very soft shell.

  • Ingredients: Sockeye Salmon Roe, Salt, Sorbic Acid.
  • Wild Caught.
  • Kosher OU.
  • Shelf life 18 months in refrigeration


Delicate, flavorful, and rich, Sockeye Salmon Caviar can be an experience all on its own. Prized throughout the globe, this delicacy comes from the Sockeye Salmon – a unique species of red salmon that’s abundant throughout the waters of the North Pacific Ocean and the rivers that drain into it.

Most of the world’s supply of Sockeye Salmon Caviar comes from Bristol Bay and Alaska where this specific species of red salmon thrives. Red caviar is especially prominent in both Japanese and Russian cuisine. In Japan, this type of caviar is called ikura, which is derived from the Russian term “ikra” (икра), which means fish roe.

The roe from the Sockeye Salmon is harvested when the female fish is ready to spawn. The eggs are then cured in brine to bring out their flavor and enhance their texture. The fresher the roe, the more delectable the caviar becomes. So you can expect more impressive quality with caviar choices that were more recently harvested. Wild Sockeye roe is harvested once a year, in the summer.

What Makes Sockeye Salmon Caviar Stand Out?

Caviar taken from salmon – called red caviar – comes in different varieties. These differences are due to the range of species of salmon from which the roe is harvested. There are five (5) major salmon species that are leveraged for their quality roe, and these include:

  • Coho Salmon
  • Pink Salmon
  • Chum Salmon
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • King Salmon

It can be difficult to detect the subtle differences in the flavors that these different salmon species present in terms of their roe. But for connoisseurs, there’s a lot more to caviar than just its taste. The texture of caviar is one of its defining characteristics, and because these different types of salmon offer a range of roe pigment and sizes, they can also be world’s apart when it comes to the actual caviar’s profile.

The reason why Sockeye Salmon Caviar is such a coveted variety is because among all the types of red caviar, Sockeye has the smallest grain. The fine, small beads are just 2-3mm in diameter, which will of course create a much more refined taste experience compared to the Chum Salmon’s grain, measuring at 9mm per bead.

The Cost of Caviar

Roe harvested from sturgeon tends to be far more expensive, ranging from $50 to $70 for a measly 30 grams. Fortunately, red roe is far more affordable, providing buyers the opportunity to experience a unique and immersive taste experience at a reasonable cost. Of course, the specific cost of red caviar from vendor to vendor may change, but you can expect prices that range from $50 to $70 per pound for this roe.

What impacts the cost? There are a number of factors, but here are some worth considering:

  • Freshness – Sockeye salmon roe, as well as other salmon roes, is only harvested once a year, roughly June through August. The length of time it takes to transport and process the roe is another consideration. Roe that’s been shelved and stored in freezers for too long may lose the qualities that make them top notch.
  • Roe Maturity – There are three grades for roe maturity. The medium mature roe gets the highest grade (1), and will often have a more pleasant flavor and texture compared to younger or over-mature roe.
  • No Preservatives or Additives – Our chilled caviar has minimal preservatives and additives. Our caviar contains only small quantities of sorbic acid to preserve freshness and salt for flavor. Beware of producers that add other preservatives and additives to enhance shelf-life and appearance. Whereas frozen caviar has no preservatives added to it, the only ingredients being salmon roe and salt.

Caviar Health Benefits

Salmon itself is known to provide a range of health benefits for those who eat it. Similarly, its roe also offers a list of different advantages for those who are particularly concerned regarding their wellness.

These include:

  • Omega 3 helps support nervous, circulatory, and immune health
  • Selenium protects against cellular damage from free radicals
  • Vitamin B12 encourages the production of red blood cells and supports the absorption of fatty acids
  • Minerals and micronutrients in caviar have been found to provide anti-depressive effects in frequent eaters
  • Potent source of vitamins A, E, iron, and magnesium

How to Serve Caviar

While some people enjoy caviar as a standalone treat, there are a number of ways to add it into certain recipes. Most often, red salmon roe is served on different types of bread – like blini or toasted bread – generously spread over a layer ofbutter. There are also a number of different meal recipes that you can try to add red caviar to for a touch of fun texture and flavorful saltiness.

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