Fish&Cavair ships out of Washington state.

Delivery Options

  • UPS Next-Day: This is overnight shipping which we require for premium sturgeon products (Ossetra or Kaluga hybrid) as they do not have preservatives in them. UPS Next-Day packages ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • UPS Second-Day: Frozen caviar and frozen seafood products are required to have second-day shipping or faster. You can upgrade to next-day but you cannot downgrade to 3-day shipping. You also have the option of upgrading chilled caviar from standard 3-day shipping to second-day. Delivery to Alaska and Hawaii needs to be second-day. UPS Second-Day packages ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • UPS 3-Day: This is our standard shipping for chilled caviar products in tins and jars, with the exception of premium sturgeon caviar (Ossetra or Kaluga hybrid), which requires next-day shipping. You can always upgrade to second-day or next-day for your chilled caviar order. UPS 3-Day packages ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please see our Terms and Conditions related to Shipping here:

Where We Ship

We only ship within the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. We cannot ship to anywhere outside the US, including US territories, Canada or any other country. This is not due to UPS restrictions but due to customs restrictions when shipping caviar out of the United States.

Packaging for Shipping

Each product is carefully packed into a Styrofoam insulated container with cushioning materials and ice packs or dry ice, depending on your order. The Styrofoam box is then taped and put into a cardboard box.

Possible Delays

We send out shipments only on Mondays and Tuesdays for 3-day shipping. This is done to ensure the package does not get left at a shipping facility over the weekend. We are able to send out next-day shipping order on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for this same reason. If there is a national holiday, we will not ship that day, even if we are open for business. If UPS is closed, we may delay shipment to the following week to avoid any slowdowns. These exceptions will be communicated to customers whom it will impact if they placed an order. We are of course unable to foresee any delays due to inclement weather or mechanical issues from the delivery service. Please use your tracking number to communicate directly with UPS (1-888-742-5877) if you have any questions about delayed shipments, as we will have limited information available.

Our Delivery Guarantee

If your products arrive damaged we guarantee we will replace the damaged products. In order to fulfill this guarantee the customer must unpack and inspect the package as soon as it arrives. Please note that slightly dented metal jars are no cause for concern as they do not cause spoilage of the product inside. If there is any leakage of caviar or punctured or shattered containers, please contact us as soon as possible (but within 3 days of receiving the package). If possible, please provide photos of your damaged goods. The longer the customer delays to notify Fish & Caviar, the more difficult it will be receive a refund. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping Costs

Our minimum order is $60 due to the high cost of specialized packaging and delivery for perishable goods. Our shipping costs don’t just depend on the method of shipping, but also on the products you ordered. For example, even though next-day is generally more expensive than second-day, it will cost more to ship frozen foods second day than premium sturgeon caviar (Ossetra or Kaluga hybrid) next-day due to the weight and dimension differences. Please see the requirements below, however, you can get the most accurate cost by adding the items into your cart to see the shipping options pricing.

Chilled caviar: If your order consists solely of chilled caviar, with the exception of Kaluga and Ossetra sturgeon caviar, 3-day shipping is standard and costs $10. If your order is over $120, your chilled caviar will ship free of charge. In addition, you can upgrade to second-day shipping for $15 or to next-Day for $35.

Frozen seafood: If your order contains frozen seafood, Second-day shipping is standard and costs $35. To upgrade to next-day it is an extra $10, costing $45.

Premium sturgeon caviar: If your order contains premium sturgeon caviar (Ossetra or Kaluga hybrid), next-day shipping is required. The cost of next-day for an order solely comprised of premium caviar is $30, however, if your order has other items, please refer to the pricing of next-Day shipping for those types of products.

Subtotal of chilled caviar* 3-day 2nd-Day Next-Day
$0-$59.99 Minimum order is $60
$60-119.99 $10 $15 $35
$120 + Free $15 $35
Product type 3-day 2nd-Day Next-Day
Frozen seafood only Not allowed $35 $45
Frozen seafood + chilled caviar* Not allowed $35 $45
Any product + premium sturgeon caviar Not allowed Not allowed $45
Premium sturgeon caviar only Not allowed Not allowed $30
*with the exception of premium sturgeon caviar


Tracking Your Order

Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an order ID. You can note this ID at the time you place your order, or find it in the order confirmation email sent to you shortly after. The UPS tracking number will be generated as soon as we create the label for your package, on one of our shipping days. Though you will receive the UPS tracking number in an email, the tracking number will be inactive until UPS picks up the package, around 5pm PST. If the tracking number is still showing up as invalid, please contact us on the next business day. After UPS has picked up the package, we will have limited visibility into the delivery process. If you have any questions, concerns or special requests, please contact UPS directly at 1-888-742-5877.

We do not guarantee that any special requests, such as ringing the doorbell upon arrival or delivery at a certain time will be met. The customer is not always required to be home at the time of delivery and signature is not required in most cases, though we highly recommend it. It is the responsibility of the customer to receive the package as leaving a valuable, perishable package unattended and not refrigerated is never a good idea. The customer must unpack and inspect the contents of the package as soon as possible after its arrival. If there are any problems or questions, please contact us immediately as a claim cannot be placed after the 3rd day of delivery. Please properly store your items in the refrigerator or freezer.