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King Crab Legs – Merus

4.53 kg (10 lbs)


King Crab Legs – Merus section, pre-cut

The merus is the largest, meatiest center part of the crab leg. Our crab legs are pre-cut and easy peel, producing no waste or no mess, just succulent crab leg meat! No claws or shoulders, only the best restaurant quality merus. This tender and sweet meat is the most sought after part of the King crab. Inside each pre-cut section you will find one jumbo crab chunk. Grocery stores do not sell this product as it is only available to fine dining restaurants. Enjoy this wild caught delicacy from the crisp waters of the Bering Sea which is sure to impress the VIPs!

Porcini Mushrooms (5 lbs)

2.26 kg (5 lbs)


Porcini are the highly prized brown cap mushrooms hand-gathered in the lush pine forests of Europe. These mushrooms are also known as “King Boletus” because they are one of the most highly sought after wild mushrooms. They are popular in Italian and French cuisine and are a perfect addition to many dishes such as pasta or risotto. They range in size and have a thick stem. Porcini have a nutty flavor and are dense and meaty in texture. These mushrooms are fresh-frozen.