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Paddlefish Black Caviar, Pasteurized (100g)

100 g (3.5 oz)


This caviar comes from wild American Paddlefish from the Mississippi River basin. The roe is medium sized and grey in color. Paddlefish is closely related to the sturgeon family. The eggs have a nutty, earthy taste. This caviar comes in a vacuum-sealed glass jar. Pasteurized. Product of the USA.

  • Ingredients: American Roe, Salt.
  • Wild Caught.
  • Shelf life 9 months in refrigeration

Hackleback sturgeon (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) is also known as American sturgeon, but is actually one of eight species (nine including Paddlefish) that are native to the United States. It is characterized by its flattened snout. Its other names include shovelnose sturgeon, switchtail sturgeon and sand sturgeon. Hackleback is the smallest of the river sturgeon species, measuring between 19 to 37 inches in length and weighing between 4 and 8 pounds. It can be found at the bottom of the Missouri and Mississippi river basins, typically where there is a lot of sediment and a swift current. This is an ancestral fish and has not been physiologically changed for millennia, making it a living fossil.

What is unique and different about Hackleback sturgeon caviar?

Fish&Caviar offers wild American Hackleback black sturgeon caviar for sale. The roe is small, firm and jet black in color. Hackleback is the only commercially fished wild American sturgeon because of its abundance. It is usually caught for its roe rather than its meat because there is not much meat to be harvested. Our fish eggs come from a wild source, from the Mississippi river. The flavor is sweet, with slight nuttiness, and a buttery after taste. Our roe is not colored or artificial in any way, though we often get questions about Hackleback caviar as the fish differs from the sturgeon most people associate with black caviar. Occasionally the hackleback sturgeon is confused with sterlet sturgeon due to its similar appearance and size, but it is a different fish, native to large rivers of Europe. Hackleback roe is sustainable and domestic and should be on all caviar connoisseurs’ must-try list.

Hackleback fish egg prices are usually slightly cheaper than other imported sturgeon roe due to its domestic source location and abundance in the United States. Hackleback sturgeon females take on average 7 years to mature, while wild Caspian Sea sturgeons take 10 to 15 years until they spawn. This also impacts the price point. Hackleback roe is superior to Bowfin or Paddlefish black cured roe and, therefore, more expensive. It is also significantly more expensive than salmon red fish eggs. Hackleback black roe is an excellent pick for those who would like true black sturgeon caviar, but would like a slightly more affordable price than Ossetra or Kaluga. Our Hackleback roe is available in two sizes of glass jars, 56g (2oz) and 100g (305oz).

Hackleback caviar health benefits

Hackleback roe has essentially the same health benefits as Caspian Sea sturgeon fish eggs. Sturgeon fish eggs are known to enhance immune system response as well as a healthy nervous and circulatory system. A single tablespoon of sturgeon roe contains the daily value of B12 vitamins as well as about half of the daily value of iron. Omega-3 fatty acids are also abundant in sturgeon roe which are essential in preventing heart disease. Other vitamins that sturgeon roe is rich in include vitamins A and E, making it a superfood. Fish eggs are often recommended to patients who require more nutrients or need to include high-protein sources in their diet.

How to serve Hackleback caviar

Hackleback cured roe is served the same way that other sturgeon caviar is served. Serve the fish eggs chilled and over ice if placing the caviar on the table. To get the full experience of caviar, taste it by itself. Serve with a clean utensil, place on the tongue and gently press against the roof of your mouth instead of biting it. If you prefer to eat it with something else, we recommend a slice of baguette or a cracker. It can be served on top of other food to elevate any savory entrée of appetizer. If serving on bread, first spread butter generously and then place the caviar on top carefully, not to break the eggs. Fish eggs can be incorporated into many recipes and cuisines to either garnish or make the caviar the star of the dish. Fish eggs go best with seafood, eggs, potatoes and even vegetables like avocado. It is often said that the proper way to serve roe is with a mother of pearl spoon; however, as long as it is a clean plastic or non-oxidizing metal utensil, it will work just fine. Ensure that no food particles enter the fish egg container to maintain maximum freshness.

Why you should buy from Fish&Caviar

At Fish&Caviar we guarantee our caviar to be fresh and of quality. Our Hackleback cured roe is never out of stock and available to you year-round. Our Hackleback cured roe prices are difficult to beat! Fish&Caviar is meticulous to make sure your order is perfect and delivered to you in a timely manner, with proper ice and packaging to ensure quality. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, so please contact us if there is anything wrong with your order. Buy hackleback caviar from us and you will not be disappointed.