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King Salmon Red Caviar, Frozen, 1st Grade, Franco Fish

1 kg (2.2 lb)


The largest and the rarest of the Pacific salmon family, king salmon is, indeed, a magnificent species of fish. Prized for its succulent flesh, it’s also a source of top rate roe, which when cured in accordance with Russian traditional malossol style makes exquisite red caviar. The roes are large, well-shaped of deep to bright red color. The taste of king caviar is distinct, reminiscent of both chum and coho caviar. This top grade red caviar will make a perfect addition to your banquet table and a wonderful everyday snack. This fresh 2022 Season roe comes in a 1kg tray.

Wild Caught
Kosher by Seattle Va’ad
Shelf Life: 24 Months frozen
Thaw under Refrigeration

Growing up to 80 pounds in weight or 4.8 feet in length, the King Salmon is the largest of the Pacific salmon genus Oncrohynchus. Its buttery meat is light and flaky in texture, with a full pronounced taste that makes the King Salmon especially popular in many cuisines, including that in Japan where its fatty meat is used for sushi.

The roe of the King Salmon is also remarkably special. The rich, briny flavor is encapsulated in large, juicy beads are highly coveted among caviar connoisseurs. Also known as Chinook caviar, the King Salmon roe has a much stronger taste compared to other types of salmon roe, making it a favorite for most salmon caviar lovers.

The Price of King Salmon Roe

Although some populations of King Salmon are considered endangered in certain areas, and are the least abundant species of Pacific salmon, the limited Alaskan stocks are thriving and healthy. Buyers can anticipate a typical King Salmon caviar price from $35 to $50 per pound of the roe, making it the one of most expensive and sought after variety of Salmon roe, second only to Chum roe.

Certain other factors can also impact the price of the product. Things like the maturity of the eggs during the time of harvest, the size of the beads, their quality and texture, and the ingredients added into the brine can cause prices to fluctuate between options.

The Health Benefits of King Salmon Caviar

The eggs of the King Salmon are rich both in flavor and nutritional benefits. This potent source of daily micronutrient needs can supply many vitamins and minerals required by the body for optimal growth, development, and functioning.

Some of the benefits of King Salmon caviar include:

  • Cardiovascular health – Salmon and its eggs are a potent source of omega-3 fatty acids which help prevent and manage heart disease.
  • Immune response – Rich in vitamin A, the roe also helps improve the immune response, fortifying your body’s resistance against illness and disease.
  • Optimized cellular health – Folate – a micronutrient that’s recommended by the US-FDA – can be found in substantial amounts in caviar, helping to optimize cellular functions for improved overall health and wellness.
  • Reproductive health – Containing selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Folate, red caviar has also been recognized for its reproductive health benefits, working to facilitate optimal functioning and performance.

Serving Tips for King Salmon Roe

The secret to serving caviar involves applying certain techniques that help to preserve its taste and texture in the best way possible. Because the eggs’ flavor can be altered with the slightest exposure to certain elements, it’s important to ensure that you’re using the appropriate serving methods to prevent the loss of flavor.

  • Avoid oxidizing metallic serving utensils – Stainless steel and other alloy metal spoons can react with the brine used to add flavor to red caviar. This can lend an odd aftertaste to the product, making it less enjoyable and tainting its true flavor. Purists often prefer using special serving utensils designed especially for caviar. These are made from either mother of pearl or porcelain to prevent altering the product’s taste.
  • Serve it chilled – Caviar’s flavor is best enjoyed when chilled. Instead of setting out a large portion that might warm up to room temperature if not consumed fast enough, take a smaller portion that you and your guests can finish before the roe warms up. Keep the rest in the fridge and replenish as needed.
  • Combine textures – Because of caviar’s unique texture, adding it to other elements that heighten its feel can uplift the dining experience. Choose crunchy breads, toast, and crackers to serve as the base for your red roe. A generous spread of sour cream or butter adds a smoothness that creates a beautiful symphony of texture with the juicy, firm beads of the roe.

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