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Krasnoe Zoloto (Red Gold) Salmon Red Caviar

200 g (7 oz)


Our delicious Red Gold (or “Krasnoe Zoloto” in Russian) caviar is manufactured from top quality coho salmon roe. Originating from south-east Alaska, coho salmon is harvested in late August and September. This salmon roe is cured at an Alaskan facility in accordance with centuries-old Russian tradition. The caviar is of a deep red color, the grains are mid-sized and the palate is delicately smooth. Salt content is between 2.5% to 3.5%. This product makes a wonderful centerpiece dish at any banquet table.

  • Ingredients: Coho Salmon Roe, Salt, Sorbic Acid.
  • Wild Caught.
  • Kosher OU.
  • Shelf life 18 months in refrigeration

Coho salmon, which is found in southeast Alaska, is highly favored for its rich, orange-to-red flesh that’s highly flavored and perfectly textured. But aside from its delectable meat, the Coho salmon is also prized for its roe – also called ikura. The term ikura is a Japanese word that refers to red salmon roe and is believed to have originated from the Russian term ikra which means caviar or fish roe.
Taste wise, the ruby red eggs of the Coho salmon delicious and firm, making them the perfect addition of taste and texture for a variety of different appetizers and finger foods.

The Many Ways to Enjoy Coho Salmon Caviar

Most of those who enjoy caviar prefer serving it on top of a creamy garnish like a light butter or cream cheese which is slathered on a cracker, bread, or toast. Coho roe can make a wonderful addition of both taste and texture to the traditional Russian blini – garnished with light butter and fresh herbs.
In the east, Coho caviar is typically enjoyed with sushi, but that’s not all there is. Ikura don is another delectable Japanese dish which incorporates a thick layer of roe blanketed on top of a bed of Japanese sticky rice.

The Fish&Caviar Selection

We provide our buyers with an extensive array of caviar choices, some of which are sourced from the prized Coho salmon. Affordable and exquisitely flavorful, some of our Coho caviar choices include the Krasnoe Zoloto and the Kremlin Salmon Red Caviar which are both exceptionally popular among our patrons.

The Cost of Coho Salmon Roe

In general, Coho salmon roe is cheaper than Chum but more expensive than Pink. There are several different factors that can impact the cost of fish roe. The type of fish, as well as the quality and freshness can all dramatically affect its market price. Other factors can also come into play, such as how it’s processed, prepared, and packaged, and the maturity of the egg at the time it was harvested.

Salmon Roe’s Health Benefits

Some people enjoy fish roe not only for its flavor and texture, but for its health benefits. Coming from salmon, red roe is especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for heart health. It also packs a variety of other micronutrients such as vitamin B12, A, E , magnesium, selenium, and a range of antioxidants that optimize health at the cellular level.

How to Serve Red Roe

Salmon roe is considered a delicacy in most cultures and is actually a relatively expensive ingredient considering the amount that’s incorporated in most dishes. That said, it helps to make sure you’re preparing and serving your red roe in the best way possible to preserve its flavor and texture.
Avoid using an oxidizing metal serving spoon to prepare and serve your roe since it may leave a metallic aftertaste on the roe. Keep the roe chilled to help maintain its flavor and texture. If you’re serving guests and leaving caviar out on the table, don’t set out more than you expect to consume as it is a perishable product. To preserve freshness, place the caviar serving dish on top of a bed of ice. Leaving caviar exposed for too long can have a negative impact on its flavor. Instead, take a serving from the original container and place it out on your spread to serve your guests.

Why Buy From Fish&Caviar

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